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Be Fire Smart About Fireworks

For many in South Carolina, fireworks have become a way of life during the holidays. As exciting as this may seem, people often forget that they are playing with dangerous chemicals and combustibles that can destroy property and injure people.

These deceptively simple objects explode, throw hot sparks through the air, and can often reach temperatures hotter than 1,800 degrees.

If you plan to shoot your own fireworks, the Office of State Fire Marshal, offers the following safety tips to help reduce the chances of a destructive fire and/or injury:

  • Read and follow the directions on fireworks packages.
  • Make sure adults supervise all use of fireworks. Young children should not play with fireworks. Even sparklers can cause a serious burn injury.
  • Do not point or throw fireworks at people.
  • Use fireworks in an open area away from dry grass and other flammable materials. Keep a bucket of water nearby for emergencies. Light fireworks one at a time. Do not try to re-ignite fireworks. Soak fireworks that did not ignite with water. Do not attempt to repair broken fireworks.
  • Be sure other people are out of range before lighting fireworks. Store fireworks in a cool, dry place. Keep fireworks out of your pockets.

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