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S.C. State Athletic Commission News

South Carolina State Athletic Commission Qualifications


1. Applications for licenses and permits as required herein shall be made upon forms prescribed by the Commission and made under oath. The license application must include a photograph showing the head and shoulders of the applicant. The license application must be made at least one week before a scheduled event except for last minute substitutions.

2. Boxers who apply for a license shall include a statement of experience and medical history and a valid license from the applicant's home state if other than South Carolina.

3. Every application made by a club, association, or corporation shall include the names and addresses of all officers, and/or partners.


1. The minimum and maximum ages for professional boxing in South Carolina are 18 to 35 years old. The maximum age may be waived by unanimous vote of the Commission for a specific participant.

Permit Application.

1. Every promoter must have a current license to conduct, hold or give boxing matches or exhibitions and must apply to the Commission for a permit. The application for such permit must be in the Commission office at least two weeks before the scheduled date of the event. If the promoter does not meet such deadline, the Commission will not issue a permit until the promoter pays the mandatory fine required by law.

2. No permit may be issued unless the application includes:

a. The name and address of all participants.

b. Evidence that a policy of medical and hospital insurance satisfactory to the Commission covers every boxer. .

c. Proof of a surety bond acceptable to the Commission in an amount not less than the amount of the total purse.

d. Pays the required permit fee of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars which shall be nonrefundable.

3. Additionally, each promoter shall provide the Commission with copies of every contract between boxers, managers and with the promoter covering all contestants in the match or exhibition for which permit is made.

4. Promoters must pay to the Commission five percent (5%) of the total admissions received at the event, at the time, and in the manner, designated by the Commission. (For Sparring and Charity events see R. 20-19.1)

5. Promoters must pay to the Commission an amount equal to the out of pocket cost of contestant investigations made by the Commission.

Requirements for license as referee or Judge: expiration and renewal of license.

1. To qualify for a license as a referee or judge of boxing contests an applicant must:

a. Be at least 21 years of age:

b. Not have been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude:

c. Submit references from three persons of his/her character and ability; and

d. Except as otherwise provided in this section, must attain a score of eighty-five (85) percent on such examination as the Commission requires and successfully complete an apprenticeship if established by the commission.

2. In lieu of the examination and internship, the commission may accept satisfactory evidence of equivalent qualifications possessed by an applicant who:

a. Is currently licensed in another state or country; or

b. Formerly held a South Carolina license which lapsed in good standing.

3. A person holding a current South Carolina license or who formerly held a South Carolina license which lapsed in good standing may be licensed by the Commission without examination or internship to perform an officiating function other than that for which he is or was licensed if the Commission determines that he is qualified to perform that function.

4. The Commission will determine when additional ring officials are needed and when licensing examinations for ring officials will be conducted.

5. Each license issued pursuant to this section is valid until December 31 of each year. An application with the proper fee for renewal must be submitted to the Commission by December 1, of each year accompanied by the appropriate renewal fee. The renewal of a license is not automatic. The applicant's past performance and abilities may be considered in evaluating his application for renewal.

Physical Examination

Referees must submit physicians statements prior to license renewal.

Conduct of Kick Boxing (full contact karate) Events.

1. All kick boxing (full contact karate) events shall be held under the rules and regulations in effect for the Professional Karate Association, the International Sport Karate Association, or such other professional organization as the Commission approves, except where those rules and regulations conflict with South Carolina law, rules or regulations, in which case South Carolina law, rules or regulations shall apply, however, there shall be an interval of at least seven (7) days between bouts or for such time as shall be determined at the discretion of the Commission.

2. The commission may require a kick boxer or an official to be given a physical examination and may take such disciplinary action as authorized by law.

Wrestling Events

1. No person, club, corporation or association may be a participant in wrestling bouts or sparring exhibitions in the State of South Carolina without first having obtained a license from the State Athletic Commission.

2. Additionally, no promoter may hold or conduct wrestling bouts or sparring exhibitions without first having obtained a permit from the Commission.


1. Applications for licenses and permits as required herein shall be made upon forms prescribed by the Commission, made under oath, and contain a photograph depicting the head and shoulders of the applicant.

2. Wrestlers who apply for a license shall include a statement of experience and medical history.

3. Every application made by a club, association, or corporation shall include the names and addresses of all officers, and/or partners.

4. Age Limitations. No wrestler's license shall be issued to any person under the age of eighteen (18).

5. Physical examination of Wrestlers. Any wrestler applying for a license or annual renewal thereof shall furnish a certificate of a physician duly licensed to practice medicine in any state on a form approved by the Commission. The Commission may order the examination of any wrestler at any time for the purpose of determining whether such wrestler is fit and qualified to engage in wrestling within the State of South Carolina.

Period of Validity

Licenses are valid for a period not to exceed one year and will expire on December 31st of each calendar year.

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