January 2008

From the Administrator's Desk

There is much activity in the office these days! Future engineers and surveyors are applying to take the exams in April 2008, Board members are working hard on proposed revisions to the regulations to track, along with changes in statutes approved in June (see legislation-related information on the Board's website), and the office staff is creating administrative procedures and application forms for individuals who hold an engineering technology degree and who seek licensure in South Carolina through the portfolio review process. We are busy!

We hope you will take a moment from your busy schedule to provide feedback on proposed changes to the regulations. The Board intends to submit the proposed changes to the Legislature in 2009; we need your feedback as soon as possible after the changes are posted on the Board's website.

Legislation passed in June 2007 created an Engineers and Surveyors Education and Research Fund from a portion of renewal fees (renewals fees did NOT increase). One of the activities the Board is considering for the use of these funds is to provide continuing education opportunities at little or no cost to you. After renewals in June 2008, the Board will begin planning such activities.