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South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners

Physician Assistants Frequently Asked Questions

Am I restricted to working in a particular setting?
Pursuant to scope of practice guidelines, a physician assistant may practice in a public place, a private place, or a facility where the supervising physician regularly sees patients, may make house calls, perform hospital duties, and perform any functions performed by the supervising physician if the physician assistant is also qualified to perform those functions.

How often do charts have to be signed by the Supervising Physician?
On site charts do not have to be signed by the supervising/alternate physician; 10% of off- site charts must be reviewed and verified monthly by the supervising or alternate physician.

What are the requirements for a PA to work at a site different than that of the supervising physician?
PAs who wish to work in an off-site practice (a site different from their supervising physician) must notify administrative staff of the board before off-site practice may be authorized. The PA would need to submit the Notification of Off-Site Practice form and  must have six months of clinical experience with the current supervising physician. There is no fee for Off-Site Practice.

What if the PA has previous experience in off-site practice, does he/she have to wait 6 months before applying for off-site?
A  PA who has at least 2 years continuous practice in the same specialty may apply for off-site practice after 3 months of clinical practice with the current supervising physician. This request must also include a letter from the supervising physician justifying the request. All other Physician Assistants must complete the 6-month requirement before being eligible to request off-site practice.

How do I add an alternate supervising physician?
A physician wishing to serve as an alternate supervising physician must request permission from the Board in writing. This request must include the proposed alternate supervising physician's signature and SC license number. (Adding Alternate Physicians Form) The physician may not begin serving as an alternate supervisor until he/she has been approved by the Board. This approval may be viewed on the Medical Board's website under licensee lookup. In order to serve as a primary or alternate supervising physician, the physician must hold a permanent, unrestricted South Carolina license.

Who is responsible for the PA's practice?
It is the responsibility of the primary supervising physician to inform all approved alternate supervising physicians of the responsibilities of supervising a physician assistant.

If my primary supervising physician leaves the practice, can my alternate supervising physician assume his role?
No. If the primary supervising physician leaves the practice, the PA must stop working until he/she has written approval from the Board for another physician to serve as his/her supervising physician. An alternate supervising physician may not assume this role without approval from the Board.

What if I discontinue practice with my supervising physician?
If a PA's employment with the primary supervising physician is terminated, the PA and the supervising physician must notify the Board in writing indicating the reason for termination (Primary Supervisor Termination Notification). A change in supervisor form and new scope of practice guidelines must be submitted each time the PA wishes to change or add a primary supervising physician. The PA cannot begin working until written approval from the Board has been received.

What medications can a PA write for?
Authorization to prescribe is expressly approved by the supervising physician as set forth in the PA's written scope of practice guidelines and must comply with all state and federal laws. Medication formulary shall consist of those medications appropriate to the treatment of patients including prescribing medical devices.

Can A PA write for Controlled/Scheduled drugs?
Yes, including Controlled/Scheduled II-V Drugs. Before a PA can write for Controlled drugs, he/she must first have a state prescriptive authority number (assigned by the Board) and provide documentation of 15 contact hours of education in controlled substances acceptable to the Board. The PA must also apply to DEA for a controlled substance license number.

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