Board News

  • The Board of Landscape Architectural Examiners has amended Regulation 76-6, regarding continuing education. The intent of the regulation change is to clarify requirements for the required 20 hours for each license renewal. The regulation is effective June 26, 2020, but will not apply to the current licensure renewal period. The changes will apply to the reporting period commencing February 1, 2021 and continuing through January 31, 2023.

    You may view a copy of the new regulation here.
  • The Board of Landscape Architectural Examiners does not license or have jurisdiction over lawn services, tree services, landscapers, or landscape contractors, as they are exempt from licensure under the SC Code of Laws, Section 40-28-210(8). Individuals engaging in these businesses should consult the SC Association of Counties at for local business requirements in the county where they offer services.
  • Continuing education audits are being conducted through CE Broker. Licensees are encouraged to visit and set up a free account to track and submit continuing education for future license renewals.