The Office of Advice Counsel is responsible for providing legal advice to all Boards, Commissions and Panels, as well as their administrative staff. The Office of Advice Counsel essentially serves as the "in-house law firm" for LLR's programs, Boards, Commissions and Panels. In addition to assisting these entities with conducting their meetings, these attorneys handle appeals on non-disciplinary issues, collaborate with other agencies, perform special research projects, offer training and provide support to administrative staff, and resolve legal issues arising from the licensure process. These attorneys do not provide legal advice to parties outside LLR.

Darra James Coleman is Chief Advice Counsel and is responsible for managing the Office of Advice Counsel. Attorneys Mary Sowell League, Georgia Lewis, Hardwick Stuart, Adam Russell, Stacey Hewson, Bob Horner and Robert Elam complete the legal team. The assignment of a particular advice counsel may change due to adjustments to workflow and other variables.