Scope of Practice

Defined as "Limitation of Practice" in Chapter 25, Section 25-5 A. (1)

Persons licensed by the Board shall be limited in their practice to the care and performance of therapeutic treatment of patients, the performance of such procedures as are normally followed in giving chiropractic physical examinations, the x-ray of patient and such other procedures as are generally used in the practice of chiropractic.

Such other procedures as are generally used in the practice of chiropractic shall be limited, however, to the use of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, the adjustment and manipulation of articulations and treatment of inter-segmental disorders for alleviation of related neurological aberrations.

Patient care shall be conducted with due regard for environmental, hygiene, sanitation, rehabilitation and physiological therapeutic procedures designed to assist in the restoration and maintenance of neurological integrity of the nervous system. None of these diagnostic or therapeutic procedures shall include the use of drugs, surgery, cauterization, desiccation or coagulation of tissues, rectal examinations, gynecological examinations, obstetrics, catherization with a needle, injecting of dyes for radiological procedures, lumbar puncture to obtain spinal fluid, treatment of cancer or x-ray therapy.

For more complete information on professional practices, view Chapter 25, Section 25-5 of the South Carolina Code of Regulations.