Frequently Asked Questions

Certificate of Authorization

Q. Who is required to have a Certificate of Authorization?

A. Businesses that are functioning as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, professional association, professional corporation, business corporation, limited liability company, joint venture, or any other legally constituted organization that practices or offers to practice landscape architecture must apply for a Certificate of Authorization if the business is advertising or offering landscape architectural services in the State of South Carolina. Individuals operating a sole proprietorship under their own name as licensed by the board are not required to apply for a Certificate of Authorization with our Board. For example, John Smith may operate in his name only, but firm licensure would be required for John Smith & Associates or John Smith, PA.

Q. What are the requirements for a Certificate of Authorization?

A. First, the firm must be registered with the SC Secretary of State prior to applying for a Certificate of Authorization with our board. Second, the responsible South Carolina Landscape Architect is no longer required to be a shareholder, partner, or officer with the firm. The firm will qualify as long as the responsible SC Landscape Architect is a full - time employee. All employees providing landscape architectural services in South Carolina must also have an individual license with our Board.

Q. If my firm offers Architectural or Engineering Services; do I have to apply for a separate Certificate of Authorization for each discipline?

A. Yes, each Board is independent, so you will need to apply for a separate Certificate of Authorization for each discipline.

Q. My firm has branch offices. Does each office need a Certificate of Authorization?

A. No, one Certificate of Authorization covers every office in your firm.

Q. Can I apply for reinstatement of my firm’s Certificate of Authorization?

A. No. If the firm’s Certificate of Authorization lapses, you must reapply for a new Certificate of Authorization.

License Renewals

License Renewals

Q. When are license renewals?

A. Licenses are renewed biennially, on January 31 of odd years. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure their individual license and/or Certificate of Authorization is renewed by the January 31st deadline. Renewals received February 1 – March 31 of odd years are subject to a $20.00 late penalty fee. If a license is not renewed by March 31 of odd years, it will lapse. 

Q. Are notifications sent to licensees and firms for renewals?

A. Renewal notices with your Username and Password to access the Online Renewal System will be mailed to active licensees in early November of even years. 

Q. How can I renew my license?

A. Licenses can be renewed online by clicking “Renew Your License,” or you can mail in a check with a paper renewal form.

Q. What is the renewal fee?

A. The fee is $200 for individual licenses and $400 for Certificates of Authorization.

Q. What happens if I fail to renew?

A. The license lapses and you can no longer practice landscape architecture or offer landscape architectural services in the State of South Carolina. Individual licenses can be reinstated for a period of two years after the license lapses. After that, you must reapply for licensure. Certificates of Authorization cannot be reinstated, so you must reapply if it lapses.

General Questions

General Questions

Q. How do I change my contact information with the Board?

A. Information changes can be made through online services by clicking “Change Your Address.” You can also send a change to the Board by email at .

Q. How do I change my name with the Board?

A. Email a copy of the appropriate documentation (marriage license, divorce decree, etc.) to the Board at .

Q. Can I get a list of landscape architects licensed in the State?

A. There is a $10 charge for licensee lists. You can obtain a list by submitting a check or money order made payable to LLR – Landscape Architect Board and the “Licensee List Request Form” (located under “Applications and Forms”) to the Board office.

Q. How do I file a complaint with the Board?

A. Complaints can be filed online by clicking “File a Complaint.”

Q. I run a landscaping, lawn care, or tree service. Do I need a license through the Board?

A. No.  These services are exempt from licensure under the SC Code of Laws, Section 40-28-210(8). You need to contact the county where you do business for information on local business permits.

Q. How can I contact the Board?

A. You can contact the Board office at (803) 896-4580 or at