LP Gas Board Implements Fees for Reseller Dispenser/Equipment Changes and Repeat Site Inspections.

As of June 1, 2021, actively licensed LP Gas Resellers are required to submit a form and $100 inspection fee for any LP gas dispenser/equipment change that requires a Board inspection. Sites cannot be operational until an agent of the Board has given final site approval. As a reminder, the Board strongly encourages licensees to utilize the approved reseller installation guidelines found here. If there is no equipment change and you are only switching licensed dealers for an existing system, you may email the Board at contact.lpgas@llr.sc.gov to request the change at no cost.

In addition, repeat site inspections due to outstanding violations will now require re-inspection fees. The first two site inspections are covered with the application fee, but repeat inspections will require a $100 fee (3rd inspection) and $200 fee (4th and subsequent inspections). Fees must be paid prior to a Board agent scheduling a site visit.