Board News

  • 2021 Legislative Update:

  • Title Utilization for Veterinary Technicians and Unlicensed Veterinary Assistants:

    At its September 2, 2021, meeting, the South Carolina Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners reviewed the practice of unlicensed veterinary assistants holding themselves out to the public as veterinary technicians or vet techs. As a result, the Board wants to remind licensees of the following.

    Per SC Regulations 120-9(B)(5)(d), unlicensed individuals may not identify themselves as licensed veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians or in any way other than unlicensed veterinary assistants. Individuals found in violation of this may be subject to Board action.

    S.C. Regulations 120-9(B) lists the duties allowed by unlicensed veterinary assistants under immediate, direct, indirect and emergency conditions. Unlicensed assistants may not: make any diagnosis or prognosis; prescribe treatment, drugs, medication or appliances; or perform surgery.

    In synopsis, please be aware to distinguish licensed team members, not only in duties but also in title.

  • Facility Inspection and Inspection Form Information: Facility inspections are done using the Board's inspection form. Each item that is part of the inspection is related to statute or regulation requirements. Inspections are either adequate (A) or show a violation (V). Any deficiencies or violations are given a timeframe in which to make corrections.

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