Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age requirement to obtain a boxing License?

The age requirement is eighteen (18) to thirty five (35).

Is a complete physical required prior to participating in a boxing event?

Yes. When you complete your application you must take the Medical History form to your Doctor and have him/her complete their portion of the form. NO ONE BUT A MEDICAL DOCTOR MAY COMPLETE AND SIGN THIS FORM. The boxer must also have a report indicating that you are HIV, Hepatitis B and C negative, no later than 30 days prior to the event. Also, an Ophthalmologist eye examination is required. On the night of the boxing event, you will be required to under go another physical by a doctor that will be at the event.

When is a permit required to be in your office by to put on an event?

All permits must be in the S.C. State Athletic Commission office not later than ten (10) working days prior to the event. For boxing or kickboxing event permit the application must have the fight card, fighter applications, medical history form, proof of insurance, contracts of boxers and bond. For wrestling event permits the application must include a complete list of contestant. Professional boxer must have a valid Federal Identification Card.

How do I obtain a federal identification card?

You must obtain the federal identification card from the state in which you are a resident, from their licensing commission. If you are a resident from South Carolina, you may apply at this office. Bring a form of Identification that proves you are from South Carolina. Complete the Federal ID form and have your picture taken. Fight Fax will issue you a Federal ID number. The cost is $25. All professional boxers are required to obtain a federal ID prior to competing in a boxing event.

What is the age requirement to obtain a wrestlers or officials license?

All Athletic licenses issued by the State Athletic Commission requires that the minimum age is eighteen (18) years or older with the exception of the Boxing license as stated above. Referees and or Judges License applicants must be, minimum age 21 years old.

Is a promoter license required to hold an event is South Carolina?

YES. Only a South Carolina licensed promoter can request a permit. The Promoter must complete the application and the Promoter Guidelines, both are located in the Applications/Forms link.