Application For Speech-Language Pathology Assistant License Instructions


To be licensed by the board as a speech-language pathology assistant an individual must:

  • have earned a bachelors degree in speech-language pathology
  • submit an application which includes a supervisory agreement and an on-the-job training plan which complies with requirements established by the board in regulation. A copy of the requirements is attached to this information sheet.
  • Speech-language pathologists who use a speech-language pathology assistant in their practices must comply with guidelines promulgated by the board in regulation.

A license is valid for two years. A license application received after December 31 is valid for the next licensure period.

Requirements and Instructions

Please read and follow all instructions carefully. As applicant, you assume full responsibility for filing a fully completed application. The Board will not request references or verifications.

  1. Fully completed and notarized application accompanied by the appropriate fee amount (see Fee Schedule below). Incomplete applications will be returned.
  2. Official Transcripts of all college work done. Transcripts must bear the seal of the institution and the signature of the registrar. Course titles must be descriptive of the course work. Transcripts must be submitted directly to the Board by the institution. Transcripts must document that the minimum required core curriculum has been met and must show that the degree has been awarded.
  3. Verification of Supervised Clinical Experience. Written verification of the completion of 100 clock hours within the training institution or in one of its cooperating programs of supervised, direct clinical experience with individuals in not less than two different sites must be submitted with initial application.

Fee Schedule

Required fees must be submitted as appropriate and must be in the form of a check or money order. The Board assumes no responsibility for currency sent through the mail. All fees are non-refundable. Any check, which is presented to the board as payment for any fee and is returned unpaid, may be cause for denial of a license or for imposing a sanction authorized by the practice act. See fee schedule.

Requirements for License Renewal

A speech-language pathology assistant license must be renewed biennially. Licenses expire on March 31 of the second year.

To renew a license the individual shall:

  • Pay a renewal fee as indicated in the preceding paragraph.
  • Submit evidence of compliance with continuing education requirements as provided for in the paragraph following.

A license for which a valid application for renewal is not received by March 31 is invalid and only may be reinstated upon receipt of a renewal application postmarked before May 1 and accompanied by the biennial license fee and the reinstatement fee. A renewal request not postmarked before May 1 only may be reinstated upon receipt of an application for licensure submitted under the license requirements in effect at the time the renewal request is submitted and accompanied by the biennial license fee and reinstatement fee.

Continuing Education Requirements

As a condition of license renewal, a speech-language pathology assistant must satisfactorily complete eight hours of approved continuing education per license period. Continuing education must be reported on forms and in the time and manner specified by the board in regulation. Each licensee must maintain records of continuing education hours earned for a period of four years, and these records must be made available to the director or the director's designee upon request for audits that the board may conduct annually.

All required documents and payments must be submitted to:

South Carolina Board of Examiners in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
Post Office Box 11329
Columbia, South Carolina 29211-1329

For additional information or clarification of any item, call the board office at (803) 896-4650.

It is illegal to practice as a speech-language pathology assistant in South Carolina without a valid license.