Renew My License

Professional Engineers and Surveyors

The deadline to renew 2024-2026 Professional Engineers and Surveyors license without a late penalty is July 31, 2024. A late fee of $14 ($27 for dual licenses) will be applied to all renewals postmarked August 1, 2024 - August 31, 2024. An additional late fee of $28 ($54 for dual licenses) will be applied to all renewals postmarked September 1, 2024 - September 30, 2024. After September 30, 2024 the license must be reinstated.


  • Thirty hours of continuing education are required for registration renewal. This reporting period is from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2024. However, continuing education activities completed after July 1, 2020, which were not used for renewal in 2022, will also be accepted. (A maximum of 15 hours may be carried forward into the subsequent renewal period.)
  • First-Time Registrants: If this is the first renewal of your South Carolina registration, you are exempt from the continuing education requirements for this reporting period. If your South Carolina registration number is 39988 or higher, this exemption applies to you.
  • Registrants on Active Military Duty: Individuals serving on active duty in the armed forces of the United States are exempt from continuing education requirements and the renewal fee. If you are claiming this exemption, please complete the 2024-2026 Individual Renewal Form located at the following link and check off the exemption for "REGISTRANTS ON ACTIVE MILITARY DUTY" when completing the CERTIFICATION statement on the renewal form. You will need to provide documentation of your active duty status. The completed renewal form and supporting documents can be emailed to
  • Physical Disability: Licensees experiencing physical disability, illness or other extenuating circumstances as reviewed and approved by the Board may be exempt from the continuing education requirements. Please submit a statement of explanation, a statement from a currently licensed physician or medical records as evidence that the disability prevented participation in continuing education courses with the completed 2024-2026 Individual Renewal Form and fee located at the following link
  • Continuously Licensed: Licensees continuously licensed by this Board prior to January 1, 1969, are exempt from the continuing education requirements.

If you wish to apply for Retired or Emeritus Status, you must complete a Retired or Emeritus Registration Status form located at and submit to the Board (no fee required).

IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO RENEW, please contact the Board at and indicate in the subject line, "do not wish to renew." Please include your name and license number.

Accessing the Online Renewal Software

To access the online renewal software, you must have a valid email on file with the Board. If you do not currently have an email address on file with the Board or you need to change your email address, please email the Board at with your license name, license number, and your current email address.

  • If you do not have your UserID, please click here to request this information be sent to the email on file with the Board.
  • If you need to reset/recover your password, please click here and a link to reset your password will be emailed to you.

All licenses must be renewed separately by license credential number; however, the online renewal application process features a proxy payment link. This will enable the licensee to email a link to a third party for payment. For privacy and security purposes, the third party will only have access to information such as name, license type and number and payment amount. The licensee is responsible for following up with the proxy to ensure payment is made timely for their renewal.