Environmental FAQs

  1. Do I have to wait a year to take the next exam?
  2. Who do I contact to schedule an exam?
  3. How much does the exam cost and who do I pay?
  4. Where can I find study materials for the new standard exams in Water Distribution, Water Treatment, Biological Wastewater?
  1. Do I have to pay a fee to be upgraded to a level of certification?
  2. Can I get work credit for my college degree? If so, how?
  3. I took and passed the exam. How long till I get my license upgrade?
  4. My upgrade was approved. When can I operate at the new level?
  1. When will I receive my renewal forms?
  2. I'm deployed on active military service. What can I do about the renewal of my license?
  3. I received my username, but I don't remember my password. How do I recover it?
  4. I only received one renewal notice, but I have multiple licenses. How do I renew the other licenses?
  1. Does South Carolina have a reciprocity agreement with other states? How do I apply for reciprocity? What are the requirements?
  2. My application has been submitted. How long till I hear back?
Continuing Education
  1. Does the Board pre-approve courses?
  2. Who is exempt from Continuing Education requirements?
  3. I completed a CE course. How do I report it?
  4. Can I take CE courses in other states and get credit for them?
Well Drillers
  1. Are well drillers required to have a bond?
  2. Am I required to send the original bond or can I submit a copy of the bond?
  3. What is a Bond Acknowledgement Form, and am I required to submit it with the bond?



  1. No. If you are in good standing with the Board, you only have to wait a period of 7 business days to apply for the next exam.
  2. To register for the exam, visit http://www.goamp.com?Pages/default.aspx or call 1-800-345-6559. To register by mail, complete the AMP Registration Form located at http://online.goamp.com/CandidateHome/candidateInformation.aspx.
  3. The exams are $108 each for Operators and $89 for Well Drillers. Payment is made to AMP during the scheduling of the exam. The Board does not schedule exams or take payment for them.
  4. http://abccert.org/testing_services/certification_study_resources.asp


  1. No. However, you will need for the "Operator of Record", to submit an Experience Verification for the level of certification you are requesting: /env/DOTForms/ECB_Experience_Verification_2017.pdf
  2. A college degree or college credit may be used toward the C, B or A levels of your license once you have obtained your D-level license. You must submit your college transcript(s) with an experience verification form and pass each exam level. The Board may allow credit for math and sciences, 30 hours of credit = one year of service credit.
  3. In order to receive a license upgrade, an Experience Verification Form must be submitted. Taking and passing the exam alone will not initiate the upgrade process. The Board receives exam scores twice a week from AMP and will not process an EVF until a passing score has been received.
  4. Once an upgrade is processed, a letter will be sent verifying Board approval. Licensees may operate at the Board-approved license level once they have received the letter. The official certificates will be mailed after the subsequent Board Meeting.


  1. "Reminder" cards are mailed the first week of April each year. Reminder cards contain your user ID and password reset instructions for online renewal payments, which are faster and easier.
  2. /env/Military%20Deployment%20Policy.aspx
  3. Usernames are included on the Renewal Notice. To recover your password, visit: https://eservice.llr.sc.gov/SSO/Login/RecoverPass?ReturnUrl=%2FSSO%2F
    Instructions will be sent to the email address on file.
  4. One renewal notice per licensee is sent. Once logged into the online renewal system, all licenses will be listed. Note, you may only renew one license at a time. Once you have renewed one license, you will need to log back in to renew each additional license. The same user ID and password is used for each..


  1. South Carolina does not have an agreement with any state; reciprocity is determined on an individual basis. The Board must first receive a complete application with a check or money order for $50. Once your application is processed, a questionnaire form will be submitted to the reciprocating state regarding verification of licensure information. To be considered for certification via reciprocity, your license must be current in that state with no disciplinary actions.
  2. Upon receipt of a reciprocity application, the Board sends out a questionnaire to the licensing agency indicated on the application. Once the questionnaire has been returned, the Board will review and make a determination regarding licensure level. The process may take up to two work weeks.

Continuing Education

  1. The Board does not pre-approve courses. Information regarding course criteria for approval can be found at: /env/ce.aspx.
  2. There currently are no exemptions for Continuing Education.
  3. Licensees are responsible for tracking their Continuing Education hours and having documentation of those hours for a CE Audit. CE reporting forms can be found at /env/ce.aspx.

    After the renewal period, the Board will conduct a random audit for compliance with the CE requirement. If you are selected in the audit, you will be notified by the Board to submit proof of your CE hours.
  4. CE courses may be taken in states outside South Carolina. The courses must meet the requirements found in Board's Continuing Education Guidelines for operators to receive credit.

Well Drillers

  1. Yes. Well drillers are required to furnish proof of a $25,000 surety bond. A list of bonding companies and a sample bond can be found on the Board's website at: /env/licensure.aspx

    The Bond must show:

    1. The applicant maintains a current bond in his/her own name.
    2. The applicant is a bona fide employee of a corporation that maintains a current bond in the corporate name.
    3. The applicant is a bona fide employee of a licensed well driller.
  2. You must submit the original bond with the raised seal. The Board does not accept copies.
  3. Yes. This certifies that all well drillers employed by this company are operating under this bond.