Renew My License

The deadline to renew 2022-2024 Manufactured Housing licenses without late penalty was June 30, 2022. Licenses that were not renewed prior to the deadline are now lapsed. Licenses may still be renewed with late penalties until December 31, 2022. After this date, you will be required to qualify for licensure as a new applicant.

You must have the required Continuing Education (CE) hours to renew your license. For additional information about upcoming CE courses, please click here.

To renew your license online please click here.

Document Submission

Please use this link to submit the following supplemental documentation to renew your license for 2022-2024. Failure to submit the required supplemental documentation, in addition to the online renewal application, will result in your license not being renewed.

  1. Criminal Background Check
    • Must be from the applicant's state of residence and dated within the last 30 days.
    • For South Carolina criminal background reports contact SLED at or (803) 737-9000. Out-of-state applicants may submit a state-issued report or any report generated by an accredited agency on PBSA's website found here:
  2. Surety Bond Continuation Certificate
    • The continuation certificate must be payable to the Board and coverage must be for the duration of the 2022-2024 licensure cycle.
    • Bond amounts in accordance with S.C. Code of Laws Section 40-29-230(A):

      Manufacturer$75,000 per location
      Retail Dealer$30,000 per location
      Retail Salesperson and Multi-Lot Salesperson$15,000
      Contractor, Installer and Repairer$5,000

      Bond Requirements for License Renewal
      At the beginning of each subsequent license renewal period, a continuation certificate or proof of surety bond coverage or other approved security through the license renewal period must be delivered to the Board with the application and fee. The surety bond or other approved security must be made payable to the Board. If you need to submit a new bond, please use this form and send the original to the Board by mail.

  3. Supplemental Renewal Documentation
    • (i.e. name change documentation, if applicable)

Continuing Education Requirements for Renewal

In 2018 the South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board promulgated Regulation 79-6 (D) requiring Continuing Education (CE) training for all classifications of manufactured housing licenses issued by the Board, with the exception of manufacturers.

As a reminder, the CE requirements are pro-rated if you have had your license for less than twenty-four (24) months.

More information about Continuing Education can be found here.

Renewal FAQ
    Can an employer or spouse complete my license renewal?

    No. Each Manufactured Housing licensee must complete his/her own renewal application and answer the personal/history questions themselves. The licensee is responsible for his/her answers and will have to attest to that during the renewal process.

    If I do not have a credit/debit card, can I complete the online renewal application and mail in a check or money order separately to pay the fee?

    Yes, however, your license will not be renewed until the payment is received and processed.

    How do I submit my proof of surety bond and criminal background check when I renew my license online?

    Before you can renew your license online you must submit your bond continuation or new surety bond with your criminal background check. You may either mail these documents to the Board, or use the Document Submission portal on the Board's website by logging in with your renewal information and uploading the necessary documents. Be aware that new surety bonds must be mailed with an original signature, visible surety company seal on the bond form, and must be accompanied by the surety company's Power of Attorney; while bond continuations may be uploaded to Document Submission. Please allow time for documents to be received and processed before going to the website to complete your online license renewal.

    Can I renew my Apprentice Salesperson license?

    The Apprentice Salesperson license is non-renewable. It is valid for 120 days from the date of approval, after which time the Apprentice Salesperson must submit an application and meet the requirements for licensure as a Retail or Multi-lot Salesperson.