(A) A person licensed under this chapter biennially must satisfy these license renewal requirements in order to continue practicing massage/body work therapy:

(1) pay a renewal fee in the amount, at the time, and in the manner as the department provides in regulation;

The first license a person acquires is renewable the following June.  Once that license has been renewed, the license would be valid for a period of two years.  At that point, it is required that the licensee take 12 hours of continuing education before renewing the license.

(2) complete continuing education requirements prescribed by the department in accordance with Section 40-30-190 and submit evidence of compliance; however, a massage/body work therapist who has proof of a "Certificate in Massage" issued prior to January 1, 1974, is exempt from continuing education requirements.

A massage/body work therapist's license automatically reverts to inactive status if the massage/body work therapist fails to timely comply with this subsection and only may be reinstated upon application and payment of any fees and after having met any additional requirements which the department may establish in regulation including, but not limited to, continuing education requirements.

(B) A license which has been inactive for more than four years automatically expires if the person has not made application for renewal of the license. An expired license is null and void without any further action by the department.