The mission of the State Board of Nursing for South Carolina is the protection of public health, safety and welfare by assuring safe and competent practice of nursing.

This mission is accomplished by assuring safe initial practice as well as continuing competency in the practice of nursing and by promoting nursing excellence in the areas of education and practice. The Board licenses qualified individuals as licensed practical nurses, registered nurses or advanced practice registered nurses. Complaints against nurses are investigated and disciplinary action taken when necessary. Schools of nursing (pre-licensure programs) are surveyed and approved to ensure quality education for future nurses.


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Verification Online (For APRN Only)

LLR is happy to announce the launch of LLR Bulk License Verification, a paid service meant to aid employers and other organizations in managing large numbers of licenses. Conceived as a supplement to LLR Licensee Lookup, LLR Bulk License Verification accepts a list of Nursing licenses and produces a report indicating each licensee's current status and expiration date.

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