Joint Opinions

On May 17, 2021, Governor Henry McMaster signed into law S. 455 which amended South Carolina Code 40-33-36 to create an additional category for temporary licensure for graduate nurses. As a result of S. 455, the DHEC-BON Joint Order allowing temporary work authorizations is no longer necessary. Accordingly, effective June 2, 2021, that Joint Order has been rescinded by DHEC and the BON.

Graduates currently working under a temporary work authorization issued pursuant to the Joint DHEC-BON Order may continue working pursuant to S. 455, as the BON is automatically issuing temporary licenses to those graduates who are currently working pursuant to the DHEC-BON Joint Order.

Going forward, potential employers can verify that a graduate nurse has received temporary licensure through Licensee Lookup on the BON webpage.

The Order rescinding the temporary work authorizations may be viewed here.

S. 455 which allows for temporary licenses for graduate nurses and sets forth the criteria that must be met may be viewed here.