Position Statements

Discontinuing Use of Temporary Licenses for New Graduates

Effective July 15, 2003

Revised March 28, 2008

The South Carolina Board discontinued the use of temporary licenses for new graduates on July 15, 2003, due to NBCOT offering on-demand computer test scheduling and computer administration of examinations.  On-demand testing offers candidates the flexibility to request an examination date and time that fits their schedule.  On-demand testing eliminates delays in licensure as tests are administered throughout the year, not just in selected months.  Candidates set their own schedule in selecting a test date.   Electronic transmission of information is also facilitates the process of licensure.

With on-demand testing, a candidate is issued an Authorization To Test (ATT) letter with 90 day examination eligibility.  Candidates choose when to test.  If they choose not to take the examination within the period, they request a new ATT letter, are assigned a new identification number, and may test in the next eligibility period.   ATT letters can be sent as e-mail attachments to candidates that have submitted a valid e-mail address to NBCOT.  The ATT letter will be sent by mail to those candidates for whom NBCOT does not have an e-mail address.  Candidates may go online to check their status of application for examination.  Applications for examination may be made on-line for another time saving advantage. Three weeks after taking the examination candidates can go online to check their pass/fail status.  The Board also receives pass/fail reports electronically.

South Carolina licenses occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants to protect the public.  Having fully licensed professionals serving the public, who have met all the licensure requirements, not temporarily licensed persons who may or may not pass the national certifying exam, enhances public protection

If you have any questions concerning NBCOT's examination procedures, please contact NBCOT at (301) 990-7979, fax them at (301) 869-8492, or e-mail them at onlineexamapp@nbcot.org