In accordance withChapter 136 of the South Carolina Code of Regulations, the following fees apply to applicants, apprentices, and pilots in the Lower Coastal Area:

Apprentice Applicant: $25, due upon submitting an application for Apprenticeship.

Apprentice: $50, due upon issuance of Certificate of Apprenticeship.

First Short Branch: $250.00, due upon initial licensing following Apprenticeship.

Second Short Branch: $100.00, due upon upgrade from first short branch, typically six months after initial licensing.

Third Short Branch: $150.00, due upon upgrade from second short branch, typically one year after initial licensing.

Fourth Short Branch: $150.00, due upon upgrade from third short branch, typically two years after initial licensing.

Initial Full Branch: $150.00, due upon upgrade from fourth short branch, typically three years after initial licensing.

Annual Full Branch Pilot Registration: $960, due in January of each year.

HISTORY: Added by State Register Volume 16, Issue No. 7, eff July 24, 1992. Amended by State Register Volume 20, Issue No. 6, Part 1, eff June 28, 1996; State Register Volume 32, Issue No. 5, eff May 23, 2008.