Licensure With The Board

A person, firm, or entity that manufactures, sells, or stores fireworks must obtain a license issued by the board. A license may not be issued to anyone under the age of eighteen. A complete application for licensure must be submitted on forms prescribed by the board and accompanied by applicable fees. A license is required for each physical address or site at which fireworks are manufactured, sold, or stored.

Annual Licenses may be issued upon inspection for one calendar year and are nontransferable. All Annual Licenses expire on August 31st.

90 day Temporary Licenses may be issued upon inspection and are nontransferable.


Fireworks Retail Sales License:

Please carefully complete the application in its entirety. An incomplete application will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant for completion. Previous versions of this application will not be accepted by the Board.  In accordance with the S.C. Code of Laws, you must provide the below documents as part of your application packet: 

  • Certificate of Insurance (per S.C. Code of Laws 40-56-230) - Must verify proof of $1 million in public liability coverage for retail sales activities at the location for the permitted sale period - Must cover the retail sales of fireworks - Must be for permitted sales period - Must list the South Carolina Board of Pyrotechnic Safety as a Certificate Holder (except those policies issued for fewer than ninety days' use for seasonal permits)
  • Copy of the appropriate license issued by the South Carolina Department of Revenue for retail sales of fireworks (per S.C. Code of Laws 40-56-35(A)(4)) - Address must match the address on your application and the address on Certificate of Insurance. - Nonprofit organizations must provide a copy of their Exemption Certificate from the South Carolina Department of Revenue.
  • Payment - The Board accepts Visa/MasterCard payments via the Credit Card Authorization Form or Check/ Money Order made payable to the SC Board of Pyrotechnic Safety. Fee is nonrefundable. NO CASH IS ACCEPTED. A returned check fee of up to $30, or an amount specified by law, may be assessed on all returned funds.

Applications are accepted by mail, fax, and email (choose one).

South Carolina Board of Pyrotechnic Safety

Post Office Box 11329 Columbia, SC 29211-1329

Fax: 803-896-9651

Please include the estimated facility setup date and the desired opening date of your facility in the appropriate block on your application. Once the application has been received by the Board, a Board Inspector will contact you prior to your indicated setup date to schedule an inspection and answer questions. To allow prompt contact, please provide multiple contact numbers (if possible).

To ensure you are ready for the inspection, we encourage you to perform a “self-inspection” of your facility using the appropriate checklist at the back of the application packet.  Please ensure ALL items have been addressed and are in place. For example, this includes required signage, the proper type and number of properly mounted fire extinguisher(s), electrical conductors properly installed and protected, etc.  

Fee Information

Wholesaler License: $1250

Jobber License: $500

Retailer Licensure (per location): $200

Temporary Retailer License (per location): $100

Display Magazine Permit: $100

Manufacturer License: $2000

License or permit applications without inspections reports are due in the Department fifteen (15) business days before the start of operations. Applications submitted less than fifteen (15) business days before the start of operations will be subject to a $200 special processing fee.

Licensed Fireworks Wholesalers and Jobbers in SC

Licensed Fireworks Wholesalers and Jobbers

Licensed retailers shall purchase from a licensed wholesaler or jobber as per S.C. Board of Pyrotechnic Safety Regulation 71-7405.1(D)(10)).