Retailer Fireworks Permit / Temporary Retailer Permit Application

Applications for Annual and Temporary Fireworks Retailer Permits

Retailer Fireworks Permit applications must be submitted through the Board’s new online permitting software. The Board no longer accept payments via the Credit Card Authorization Form. All credit card payments must be submitted through the secure permitting software. The Board accepts payment via credit card or online check. If you need to apply for multiple permits and you would like to make one payment, you may combine the requests and make one payment at the end of the application process.

  • All Temporary Fireworks Retailer applications for New Year's season, must be submitted to the Department by Friday, December 16, 2022. Applications submitted after this date will be subject to an additional $200 processing fee per facility. No exceptions.
  • You may access the new permitting software here:
  • Additional instructions on how to apply for a permit are available here
  • Permit inspections will not be scheduled without a completed permit application and processed payment ($100 inspection fee per facility). The fee stated is for one inspection. Any return inspection resulting from the owner's failure to comply will be charged at a rate of $75 per hour (including travel time).

In accordance with the S.C. Code of Laws, you must provide the below documents as part of your online application:

  1. Certificate of Insurance (per S.C. Code of Laws 40-56-230)
  • Must verify proof of $1 million in public liability coverage for retail sales activities at the location for the permitted sale period
  • Must cover the retail sales of fireworks
  • Must be for permitted sales period
  • Must list the South Carolina Board of Pyrotechnic Safety as a Certificate Holder (except those policies issued for fewer than ninety days' use for seasonal permits)
  1. Copy of the appropriate license issued by the South Carolina Department of Revenue for retail sales of fireworks (per S.C. Code of Laws 40-56-35(A)(4))
  • Address must match the address on your application and the address on Certificate of Insurance.
  • Nonprofit organizations must provide a copy of their Exemption Certificate from the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

If you do not have Internet access, please contact the Board office at (803) 896-4259 to request that a paper application packet be mailed to you.