Continuing Education

Each licensed soil classifier must complete 30 hours of continuing education during the biennial licensure period. One (1) hour must be in professional ethics, or in a review of the Council law and ethics.

Requirements & Deadlines

S.C. Code of Regulations 108-5. Continuing Education Requirements.

(1) Continuing Education: Each licensed soil classifier is required to meet the Continuing Education Requirements of the Council prior to renewing their license for the next biennial licensure period.

(2) Reports and Records: Each registrant shall report on a form provided by the Board, the activities undertaken to meet the requirements for Continuing Education.

The registrant shall maintain a file of documentation for activities for a period of four (4) years.

(3) Approval of Activities:

  • Activities and field days organized or sponsored by the Soil Science Society of America, or similar organizations, and attendance at technical presentations or workshops on soil classifying held in conjunction with colleges, universities, conventions, or seminars and are related to materials use and function are acceptable to fulfill the continuing education requirement.  
  • Activity information, including the CE Reporting Form and copies of acceptable documentation, must submitted to the Council for approval if an individual is selected for a random audit. Examples of acceptable documentation are Certificates of Completion, Agendas, Sign in sheets (that provide the required details), meeting minutes (to confirm public service activities), and a copy of articles or papers published. For books, a synopsis and a link to a retailer should be provided.
  • Audit decisions by the Council will be final.
  • Licensees are given 180 after notification of a disapproval to fulfill the deficient hours. Courses taken to fulfill a deficiency will apply toward the previous renewal period, and cannot be resubmitted for the current license renewal period.

(4) Non Compliance: An individual who does not meet the CE requirements shall be placed on a probationary status for a length of time determined by the Council. Failure to complete the requirements during that period will result in cancellation of registration and prohibition from practicing landscape architecture in South Carolina.

(5) Reinstatement to Active Registration: An individual wishing to have registration restored must submit documentation of 30 hours of continuing education during the biennial period. One (1) of these hours must be in professional ethics, or a review of Council laws and regulations.

(6) Carry-over Credits: A maximum of fifteen (15) hours may carry over to the next biennial renewal period.

(7) Exemptions:

  • A new licensee is exempt for their first renewal (not to exceed two years).
  • A licensee serving on temporary active duty in the armed forces of the United States for a period of time exceeding 120 days in a year. Documentation to substantiate this exemption must be submitted to the Council by January 1 of odd numbered years.
  • A licensee experiencing physical disability, illness, or other extenuating circumstances as reviewed and approved by the Board. Documentation to substantiate this exemption must be submitted to the Council by January 1 of odd numbered years.

Q. Is there a continuing education requirement for license renewals?

A. Licensees are required to report 30 hours of continuing education activities each biennial renewal period. One (1) hour must be in professional ethics roles, responsibilities, and conduct of professional soil classifiers, or review of the SC Statute and Regulations. Additional information on continuing education is available on the “Education” tab. 

Q. How do I report my continuing education hours?

A. You will certify on the license renewal form that you have met the continuing education requirement for the biennial period. Do not send documentation to the Council unless you are selected for an audit. A form for personal use in tracking hours is available here.

Q. When are continuing education audits?

A. Continuing education audits are conducted after the biennial license renewal period ends in April of odd numbered years. You will be contacted by U.S. Mail if you are selected for an audit.

Q. Can you tell me if the course I plan to take will be approved for continuing education?

A. Council does not pre-approve courses. It is the responsibility of the licensee to take courses that assist them in their practice, and to obtain documentation of the course that includes the course name, date, description, location, instructor name, and number of hours offered for the course.