License Renewals

Q. When are license renewals?

A. Licenses are renewed biennially, on January 31 of odd years. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure their individual license is renewed by the January 31st deadline. Renewals received February 1 – March 31 of odd years are subject to a $20.00 late penalty fee. If a license is not renewed by March 31 of odd years, it will lapse. 

Q. How can I apply for reinstatement of my license?

A. Licenses can only be reinstated during a period of three years after they lapse. To apply for reinstatement, complete the Reinstatement Application and submit it, along with the requested documentation, to the Council office. If the license has lapsed for more than three years, you must reapply for licensure and meet all requirements for initial licensure in the law.

Q. Are reminder notifications sent to licensees?

A. Renewal notices with your Username and Password to access the Online Renewal System will be mailed to active licensees in early November of even years. 

Q. How can I renew my license?

A. Licenses can be renewed online by clicking “Renew Your License,” or you can mail in a check with a paper renewal form.

Q. What is the renewal fee?

A. The fee is $200.

Q. What happens if I fail to renew?

A. The license lapses and you can no longer practice or offer soil classifying services in the State of South Carolina. Licenses can be reinstated for a period of three years after the license lapses. After that, you must reapply for licensure.

General Questions

Q. How do I change my contact information with the Council?

A. Information changes can be made through online services by clicking “Change Your Address.” You will need the login information from your renewal reminder card, which is mailed in November of even numbered years. You can also send a change to the Board by email at Contact.Soil@llr.sc.gov.

Q. How do I change my name with the Board?

A. Email a copy of the appropriate documentation (marriage license, divorce decree, etc.) to the Board at Contact.Soil@llr.sc.gov.

Q. Can I get a list of soil classifiers licensed in the State?

A. The Council provides a roster of licensees on the Council website

Q. How do I file a complaint with the Council? 

A. Complaints can be filed online by clicking “File a Complaint.”

Q. How can I contact the Council?

A. You can contact the Council office at (803) 896-4580 or at Contact.Soil@llr.sc.gov