Continuing Education

Requirements & Deadlines

(A) Persons licensed as embalmers or funeral directors must complete three (3) hours of formal continuing education during every licensure period as a condition of renewal of their license. The continuing education completed must represent an in-depth study of three (3) different topics and be gained through participation in formal instruction, seminars, or workshops approved by the Board. This continuing education requirement does not apply to persons who are sixty (60) years of age or older or persons who have been licensed for thirty (30) or more years by the Board so long as those persons do not act as the manager of record of any funeral establishment. 

(B) The Board may grant waivers of the continuing education requirement in cases involving disability or illness and may extend the time within which the continuing education hours may be gained. Applications for waiver shall be submitted on forms approved by the Board and shall be signed by a licensed health care professional attesting to the licensee's inability to complete continuing education due to disability or illness. 

(C) The Board maintains a list of approved continuing education courses.