Policy/Procedure No:

Approved by the Board: November 2-5, 2003 Board meeting

Service Area: Administration

Subject: Former Board members as expert or character witness in a disciplinary matter

The Board of Medical Examiners, in an effort to ensure the absence of bias and avoid possible conflict of interest issues, adopts the following policy regarding the appearance of former Medical Board members and Investigative Review Committee (IRC) members as expert or character witnesses in medical disciplinary cases:


A former member of the S.C. Board of Medical Examiners and/or the Investigative Review Committee (IRC) should not appear as an expert or character witness in a disciplinary matter before the Medical Disciplinary Commission (MDC) or the Board of Medical Examiners for a period of two (2) years following the date on which the member last served on the Board or the IRC.

This policy does not apply to former Board members who have a first hand knowledge of disputed facts that are relevant to a disciplinary case appearing before the MDC or the Board.