LLR - Board of Medical Examiners

Approved by the Board Administrator: October 21, 1994

Service Area: Compliance

Subject: Conflicts of Interest


In situations involving complaints against a licensee who is a family member or close relative of an individual Board staff member, it is important that the actual existence or appearance of a conflict of interest be avoided.


1. Upon hearing that a complaint has been filed with the Board office, any Board staff member who is closely related by birth or marriage to the licensee against whom a complaint has been made will make known to his/her immediate supervisor the nature of the relationship.

2. If the supervisor deems that the relationship is close enough to justify action, the supervisor


a. Make note of the relationship in the investigation file and of his/her plans to

remove such conflict; and

b. Either stand in for the staff member in the performance of his/her duties with regard to the particular disciplinary matter, or delegate such duties to another individual not under the supervision of the potentially interested staff member.