LLR-Board of Medical Examiners

Approved by the Board:July 15-17, 1996 Board meeting

Service Area: Medical

Subject: Flu Shot Administration


At its July 1996 Board meeting, the Board made the following statement concerning the administration of flu immunizations made pursuant to Federal initiatives:

The administration of any immunization requires the prior authorization of a licensed physician. Such authorization may be issued through a standing order or approved written protocol. It is the responsibility of the physician to determine as best h/she can prior to administration:

(1) The need for such by the patient; and

(2) Any contraindications to administration for the individual.

The patient or guardian should be informed of any potential side effects and the source of care in case any problems develop in conjunction with administration of the immunization.

The physician ordering such immunization is responsible for having capable trained staff and necessary medical supplies immediately available in case of an allergic reaction.