Approved by the Board: May 17-20, 1998 Board meeting

Amended by the Board: November 2-5, 2003

Service Area: Medical

Subject: Out-of-State Physicians' Orders


A South Carolina health care facility or other provider may follow orders of an out-of-state physician if the authenticity and currency of the order can be verified with the physician and an appropriate physician-patient relationship exists between the out-of-state physician and the patient, as long as following such an order would not violate other applicable law.

This policy is intended to prevent disruption of current care initiated by an out-of-state physician in another state which may require treatment or testing by health care facilities or other providers located in South Carolina. It is not intended to authorize a physician from out-of-state to initiate treatment for a new condition of the patient; any such care in this state must be provided by a physician properly licensed to practice medicine in South Carolina. It should also be recognized that a health care facility or other provider that receives such an order may choose not to recognize the order and cannot be ordered to do so.