LLR-Board of Medical Examiners

Revised July 5, 2023

Subject: Transfer of patient records to corporations with prior approval

South Carolina Code § 44-115-130 requires the Board's approval for a physician to transfer the ownership of his records to any person or entity other than "a physician or osteopath licensed by the South Carolina State Board of Medical Examiners, or a hospital licensed by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control."

When a request for an exception to S.C. Code §44-115-130 is received in the Board office, the Board Administrator shall determine whether is a first-time request or a repeat request. If it is a request from a corporation that has been previously approved by the Board for the purchase of a physician's medical records, the request may be approved or denied by the Board Administrator. This authority was delegated to the Board administrator at the May 20, 1996, Board meeting.

If the request is a first-time request, the request will be forwarded to the Board Chair for approval or denial. This authority was delegated to the Board Chair at the February 7-9, 2000, Board meeting.