Approved by the Board: February 12-14, 1996 Board meeting

Service Area: Compliance

Subject: Monitoring conditions, Request for termination of


At its February 1996, meeting, the Board established the policy that it will not consider requests for termination of monitoring conditions until a licensee has documented five years of sobriety. In cases in which five years of sobriety cannot or has not been documented, but a licensee has compelling circumstances which he believes warrants his case being presented to the Board, the Board President shall have the authority to grant or deny a request for special appearance before the full Board.


When a request for termination of monitoring conditions is received in the Board office, it will be determined whether the file reflects five years of documented sobriety. If documentation is present, the licensee will be scheduled to appear at the next Board meeting. A request to appear must be received in writing at least two weeks before the date of the Board meeting. Written materials and the name of any attorney representing the licensee (if any) must also be submitted by that time. If five years cannot be documented, the request, along with a memorandum of the details of the case, will be submitted to the Board President for his decision as to whether or not a special appearance will be granted.