Subject to limited exceptions, a license is required to practice any of the professions and occupations governed by Title 40, Chapter 47 of the South Carolina Code of Laws.  The Board issues the following licenses and registrations: 

  • Physician-MD or DO (Permanent)
  • Limited License (for a physician residency or fellowship in SC)
  • Academic-physician (The academic license may be used only in the educational setting or in a training program associated with the medical school)
  • 14-day limited license (A special limited license may be issued to a physician licensed in another state for up to fourteen days not more than four times a year in order to authorize practice under supervision for training involving direct patient care or to explore potential employment relationships.)
  • Volunteer Physician (for uncompensated service to a qualified volunteer organization)
  • Physician Assistant
  • Respiratory Care Practitioner
  • Acupuncturist, Auricular Therapist and Auricular Detoxification Therapist
  • Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist
  • Anesthesiologist’s Assistant

Requirements for licensure may be found by clicking on the application for the specific license type:

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How to Apply

You may apply online. If there is not an online application posted, use the paper fillable application. You may check your application status online here:

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