Frequently Asked Questions


Are applicants for licensure required to take a South Carolina Jurisprudence examination?


How often is the South Carolina Jurisprudence Examination offered?

This is an online examination available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Upon receipt of a complete application, an applicant will be made eligible to take the exam and provided information on how to register and study material.

What is the difference between licensure by credential and license by endorsement?

Per S.C. Code of Law 40-37-245, an optometrist currently licensed and practicing at the therapeutic level in another jurisdiction may obtain a license by endorsement. Applicants who do not hold licensure, active or inactive, may obtain a license by credential.

Does South Carolina share reciprocity with any other State in regards to licensure in Optometry?

South Carolina does not share reciprocity with any other State in regards to licensure in Optometry.

What are the fee requirements for renewing my Optometry license?

Biennial renewal fees are $230.00, due by December 31 of even numbered years. There is a $50.00 late fee if renewed during the month of January.

How do I renew my Optometry license?

Renewal notices are sent three months prior to the license expiration date (December 31). Notices contain User IDs and online renewal instructions. Licensees are unable to renew prior to the sending out of the renewal notices.

Continuing Education

Are licensees required to submit proof of continuing education to renew a license?

All licensees are required to obtain forty (40) hours of continuing education for the biennial licensure period (January 1 to December 31 of even numbered years). Additional requirements and a list of approved courses can be found on the CE webpage at

If I received my license during a nonrenewal year, will I still be responsible for forty (40) hours of continuing education?

No. If you received your license during a nonrenewal year (odd years), you will only be responsible for twenty (20) hours of continuing education. Of the twenty (20), two (2) may be for courses directly related to mandated health care programs, eight (8) must be pharmacology or pathology related and no more than five (5) may be from online courses unless otherwise approved by the Board.

How can I get a continuing education course approved by the Board?

Please submit your request in writing by mail or email, Please include the following: agenda, subject matter, date and time of course, location, and name of sponsor.

Scope of Practice

Are Optometrists required to release a contact lens prescription?

Yes, after a contact lens fitting has been completed.

Is the removal of foreign bodies with the use of an Alger Brush considered surgery?

No, removal of foreign bodies with the use of an Alger Brush is considered to be within the scope of practice for optometrists. (Board Meeting on May 24, 2017)

Can Optometrists prescribe contact lens containing pharmaceutical agents?

Yes, an optometrists can prescribe or dispense contact lens containing a pharmaceutical agent as long as it is within the class of drugs that Optometrists in South Carolina can prescribe per law. (Board Meeting on October 12, 2016)