A current South Carolina license is required to practice social work in this state.

Persons exempt from the licensure requirement are listed in Section 40-63-290:

Nothing in this chapter prevents:

(1) members of the clergy and licensed, registered, certified, or qualified professionals including, but not limited to, physicians, elementary or secondary teachers, nurses, psychologists, licensed professional counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists, and licensed psychoeducation specialists and attorneys from practicing their professions and delivering similar services within the scope of their respective practices provided they do not hold themselves out to the public by any title or description as being social workers;

(2) employees of licensed hospitals in this State from performing services commonly within the definition of social work if the services are performed within the course of and scope of their employment as an employee of the hospital, and the employee is not identified in any way as a social worker;

(3) persons from rendering services that are the same as or similar to those within the scope of practice provided for in this chapter if the person receives no remuneration from any source for the rendering of the service and the person is not identified in any way as a social worker;

(4) students who are engaged in field placements or other closely supervised practice while enrolled in accredited programs of study leading to social work degrees from practicing social work;

(5) employees of the State of South Carolina from performing services commonly within the definition of social work if the services are performed within the course of and scope of their employment with the State, and if he has been specifically trained to perform these services and the employee is not identified in any way as a social worker;

(6) social workers so licensed in another jurisdiction may, after notice to the board, practice within the scope of their licenses during or immediately following a declared or recognized emergency for a period not to exceed sixty days.

South Carolina Board of Social Work does not issue temporary or provisional licenses.


All credential types require the following:

1. Submit completed application with non-refundable application fee of $45 and all required documentation listed below.

  • Copy of your valid driver’s license, state issued ID, passport or military ID
  • Copy of your social security card
  • Legal documentation for name change, if applicable
    • Supervision Contract

2. Have the following submitted directly to the Board Office address above from issuing agent:

  • Official Transcripts
  • Test Scores from the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) (1-800-225-6880 or ), if taken already
  • Verification of licensure form or state issued verification form from all state boards in which you are currently or have previously been licensed in, if applicable

3. Applicants that have a “Yes” answer to any question will be considered for licensure on a case-by-case basis after receipt of all required materials. For each case, the applicant should submit:

  • A personal written explanation for the “Yes” answer
  • A copy of the formal complaint pleading(s), if applicable
  • A copy of the final action, disposition or settlement, if applicable
  • Any further information requested by the Board office
  • You must agree to a Board appearance if requested
How to Apply

Applications may be submitted online. Paper applications may be mailed to the address on the application.

Applications and Forms

You may check your application status online: Online Portal 

If you submitted your application electronically, please use the same username and password when you created your application account.

If you have forgotten your username and need to request it, use the email address you registered within the application.

If you submitted your application by paper via mail, use the email address you entered on your paper application.

If it does not show up or you did not notate an email address, contact the social work board and give them this information so you may be able to check your application status online. Ensure you have allowed 5-7 business days from the date the Board received your application for it to be uploaded in to the system.

Fee Information

Licensure Fees (Non-Refundable)

Initial Application Fee: $45

LISW CP/AP Supervisor Application Fee: $45

Reinstatement Application Fee: $45

Reinstatement Fee: $50


Biennial Renewal Fee

Renewal Fee: $90

Renewal Late Fee: $50


Continuing Education Sponsors

Application Fee: $25


Miscellaneous Fees

Request license verifications online at Online Portal.

Duplicate Pocket Card: $10

Name Change and New Pocket Card: $10

Duplicate Wall Certificate: $15

License Verification to Another State: $5

Returned Check Charge: $30

Licensee List Request Fee: $10

Paper Applications

Paper applications are available at the following link: