Dental and Dental Hygiene Licensure

The national and clinical examinations listed below are accepted by the Board for dental and dental hygiene licensure.

National Board Scores:

Clinical Exam Scores:

**The Board does not accept state clinical examinations nor the WREB clinical examination.**

Jurisprudence Examination 

The SC Jurisprudence Examination is an online exam pertaining to the Dental Practice Act of SC (Chapter 15) and the Regulations of the Board (Chapter 39). Upon application approval, applicants will be sent instructions via email with a UserId to take the exam online. A score of 70 or higher is considered a passing score. The Dental Practice Act and Regulations are located on the Board website at Laws.

Dental Technician Licensure

The examination is only needed for applicants who are not nationally board certified. For more information, contact the Board office at (803) 896-4599.