Board of Dentistry Fee Schedule

Application Fees for Licensure/Registration
General Dentist by:
Clinical Examination: $300
Credentials: $2000
Credentials with Waiver: $500

Dental Specialist: $300
Dental Hygienist: $150
Dental Technician: $100
Orthodontic Technician: $100
Dental Instructor: $300
Volunteer License : $0

Fees for Biennial Renewal of License/Certificate
General Dentist: $280
Dental Specialist: Additional $10 to General Dentist License fees per specialty license
Dental Hygienist: $80
Infiltration Anesthesia Certification: Additional $10 to Dental Hygienist License fees
Dental/Orthodontic Technician: $150
Dental Instructors: $320

Fees for Annual Renewal of Mobile Facilities and Portable Dental Units
Mobile Facilities: $150
Portable Units: $75

Reinstatement of License/Registration Application and Fees
Application Fee $75, plus Reinstatement fee below
Dentist License: $500
Dental Hygienist License: $300
Technician Registration: $300

Application Fees for Certifications
Administer Infiltration Anesthesia: $70
Monitor Nitrous Oxide: $25

Miscellaneous Fees
Verification of Licensure: $5
Name Change and New Wallet Card: $10
Returned Check Charge: $30
Licensure List: $10
Duplicate Certificates - see list below
Wall Certificate: $25
Wallet Card: $10
Nitrous Oxide Certificate: $10
Infiltration Anesthesia Certificate: $10