Dental Congressional District 1 Board Seat Petition Form

Pursuant to South Carolina Code Section 40-15-20 and Regulation 39-6, the Board of Dentistry will conduct an election to fill the Board’s Congressional District 1 seat. The Board is seeking candidates wishing to be placed on the ballot for election. The name of the candidate receiving the most votes will be submitted to the Governor for his consideration for appointment to the Board’s Congressional District 1 seat.


  1. Each candidate for a Board seat must be a licensed, practicing dentist and resident of the State and of Congressional District 1. No person shall be eligible for appointment who has a financial interest or serves as an officer in a business organized under the laws of this State to sell dental supplies, equipment, or appurtenances or who is officially connected with a school of dentistry or dental hygiene.
  2. Each of the dentist members, with the exception of the dentist from the state at large, is elected from licensed dentists residing in the subject district.
  3. Every licensed dentist, regardless of years of practice, is eligible to vote in the election for the district in which s/he resides. Home addresses on record with the Board must include a street address to identify eligibility for that district’s vote. It is the licensee’s responsibility to provide the Board with a current address and verification of the district in which the licensee resides. If unsure of the district in which s/he resides, the licensee is encouraged to contact his/her voter registration office.


  1. Nominations of candidates must be made to the Board by written petition signed by not fewer than 15 licensed dentists qualified to vote in the district election and postmarked no later than April 30, 2021. Please include a home street address in the petition. A copy of the petition is located on the Dental Board’s website. Any person who is nominated by valid petition may withdraw his or her name by written notice to the Board. If only one candidate is nominated, he or she must be declared elected and submitted to the Governor for his consideration. If more than one candidate is nominated, ballots must be prepared with the names of the nominees in alphabetical
  2. Ballots with declared candidates will be mailed to every eligible licensed dentist qualified to vote in the Congressional District 1 election. Instructions for voting will be included with the ballot. If there is no home address on record with the Board, a ballot cannot be Voters will have 10 days to cast their ballot.
  3. After the deadline for return, the ballots received will be counted. The name of the candidate receiving the most votes will be submitted to the Governor. The Governor may reject any or all of the nominees upon satisfactory showing as to the unfitness of those rejected. If the Governor declines to appoint any of such nominees so submitted, additional nominees shall be submitted in the same manner.