Physician Assistants

Please note that an individual must have an active license to access the Scope of Practice Guidelines Portal. New applicants for licensure should first submit an Application for Licensure and await issuance of a license number. Once an applicant receives a license number, he/she may log in to the Scope of Practice Guidelines Portal by clicking here and logging in with the same username and password used to submit the Application for Licensure.

Online Electronic Application

We have an online electronic application for the Physician Assistant Licensure.

This electronic application will allow you to upload the required documentation and make payment via Visa/Mastercard or Electronic Check. Print the supplemental forms and instructions from the applicable link below. This electronic application is only available for first-time applicants.

  1. Download Forms and Instructions needed for the electronic application. Then proceed to number 2 to submit your online electronic application.
  2. Click here to begin your electronic application
Paper Application

Below are paper applications that may be filled out and mailed in to the Board. The forms below may not be used in conjunction with the online electronic application listed above.

Scope of Practice Guidelines Portal

Use the Scope of Practice Guidelines Portal to submit the required scope of practice addendum, a new or amended scope of practice guidelines and for other transactions such as changing or adding a Primary Supervising Physician, Adding an Alternate Supervising Physician or Termination of Supervisory Relationship.

Click Here for the Scope of Practice Guidelines Portal Instructions and Forms