Do I need a building codes registration to inspect homes?

(A) Only if you are inspecting homes for code compliance on behalf of a jurisdiction. To become a private residential or commercial inspector please contact the Residential Builders Commission at 803-896-4696 or the Contractor's Licensing Board at 803-896-4686.

How frequently does the Council meet?

(A) Per state regulations Chapter 8, Article 2, 8-235, "The Council must meet at least one time per year or at the call of the chairman. In addition, the Council must meet not less than one time per building code cycle for the purpose of reviewing modifications requested for the adopted building codes."

Can the public attend Council meetings?

(A) Yes. Per state regulations Chapter 8, Article 2, 8-235, "All meetings shall be open to the public. Notice designating the date, time and place of the meeting shall be posted at the offices of the Council, not later than 24 hours before the meeting starting time."

What can I expect if a complaint is filed against me?

Complaint Process

What is the difference between my ICC certification and my state registration?

(A) The ICC (International Code Council) provides the necessary training, exams, and certifications for building code enforcement officers, and they also produce the I-codes. LLR is the state agency which regulates state licensing. One must obtain the proper certifications from ICC, then apply for a state registration which allows one to practice building code enforcement in that state, based on the ICC certifications obtained. The ICC and LLR are separate entities, therefore the ICC certification and state registration must be maintained separately. This includes renewal and continuing education. To contact ICC with questions about an ICC certification visit

What happens if my provisional inspector registration lapses?

(A) Once a provisional registration becomes lapsed, it is cancelled and cannot be renewed.

Do I need to register as a Special Inspector if I am already licensed in South Carolina as a Professional Engineer?

(A) It depends; if you are licensed as a Professional Engineer in South Carolina you are qualified to perform special inspections. However, some jurisdictions may require that an individual maintain a Special Inspector registration despite having a license as a Professional Engineer. If this is the case, then you must comply with the regulations set forth by that jurisdiction in which you will be performing work.

What license is required to sell modular units?

(A) According to state regulations Chapter 8, Article 8-621, "(1) Only South Carolina licensed manufacturer's representatives or South Carolina licensed homebuilders or South Carolina licensed general contractors in the building classification within the group limitations of the license are permitted to sell modular buildings or components to consumers on a retail basis, provided that; (a) if the modular building is purchased by a residential builder operating as a firm, the firm must meet the requirements of Sections 40-59-400 and 40-59-410, including, when applicable, the requirement to hold a residential business certificate of authorization issued by the Residential Builders Commission, or (b) if the modular building is purchased by a company operating as a licensed general contractor, the company must meet the definition of an entity in Section 40-11-20 (7) and have a designated primary qualifying party, as required under Section 40-11-230. The primary qualifying party shall serve as the principal individual responsible for directing or reviewing work performed by the licensee in a particular license classification or subclassification; and (c) the general contractor or residential builder must sell the modular building directly to the consumer and perform, and take responsibility for, erection of the structure and all its related systems and site work or must contract to have this work performed by a properly licensed general contractor or residential builder. A sales contract is required and must identify the seller and buyer by name."

To apply for the manufacturer's representative license please see Initial Licensing for the Modular Building Program under the Modular Building Program. To apply for a Residential Home Builder license please contact the Residential Builders Commission at 803-896-4696. To obtain a General Contractor's license please contact the Contractor's Licensing Board at 803-896-4686.

Who can install a modular unit on site?

(A) According to state regulations Chapter 8, Article 8-626, "(1) Modular buildings shall be erected by South Carolina licensed general contractors or residential builders within the limitations of their license classifications in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended erection procedures and the building codes adopted in these regulations. Upon completion of erection, modular buildings shall be considered equal to structures constructed on site in a conventional manner. The general contractor or residential builder must assume the same responsibilities and liabilities for the work which they perform, as if the buildings were constructed onsite. All manufacturers, general contractors and residential builders to the extent of their work, shall be subject to the provisions of Section 15-3-630. (2) All warranty periods offered by the manufacturers of modular buildings, building systems, building components and appliances will begin at the time the consumer takes possession of the building." To find a South Carolina licensed General Contractor or Residential Home Builder, use the Licensee Lookup tool.

Are residential modular plans required to have a state seal?

(A) No; residential modular plans are filed with LLR, but they are not approved and sealed as the commercial modular plans are. Should a jurisdiction have concerns as to whether a residential plan has been filed with the state they may call or email Maggie Castles at 803-896-4688 or

Who do I contact if I have a code question about my home or business?

(A) If you have a question about specific code interpretation in your jurisdiction, contact the local building official or one of the inspectors for the jurisdiction in which the property is located. South Carolina is a home-rule state, meaning that each jurisdiction interprets code for that jurisdiction alone, and the state cannot quote code to the public.

As a manufacturer, how to I request a plan review or label online?

(A) To request a plan review or label online, go to Initial Licensing for the Modular Building Program under the Modular Building Program to login to your user. For a plan review, complete the application and pay the fee online, then you may submit your plans via email to Maggie Castles at

For a label request, once the plan has been approved and/or filed, complete the application and pay the fee online. If it is a label for a residential plan, complete the Modular Unit Sale and Installation Information form also under Initial Licensing for the Modular Building Program, and email it to Maggie Castles at Once the label is approved (usually a 24-48 approval time) you may login to print the label onto Avery 8164 or other compatible label size.

What is required to become a modular manufacturer?

(A) To become a modular manufacturer you must complete the Modular Building Manufacturer License Application under Initial Licensing for the Modular Building Program under the Modular Building Program. A modular building manufacturer must have a third party inspection agency and a modular building manufacturer representative at all times. To find a South Carolina licensed third party inspection agency you may use the Licensee Lookup tool and search under the Building Codes Council using the BCT license classification. This will provide all of the third party inspection agencies and their contact information.

The manufacturer representative may be "any person employed by a modular building manufacturer to wells, or offers for sale, modular buildings or components," per state regulation Chapter 8, Articles 6, 8-602 (18). The representative must complete a separate application titled Modular Building Manufacturer's Representative License Application. It is encouraged that the manufacturer and representative familiarize themselves with the statutes and regulations governing the practice of modular building manufacturing. These can be found under Statutes & Regulations for the Modular Building Program.