License Renewal Resource

Online Renewals are closed. Licenses may be Reinstated until December 31, 2023.


Licenses not renewed by June 30, 2023 are now lapsed (SC Code Ann. §40-57-110(D)). Lapsed licenses can be reinstated until December 31, 2023.

To reinstate, licensees must submit the following:

Reinstatement Application Document Submission Instructions: Applications can be submitted to via Document Submission in the Licensee Portal.

Licensees will be notified via email once the reinstatement application has been processed and approved. Licensee may not engage in the practice of real estate until an active license has been issued.

Troubleshooting: Licensee Portal Login

If you have not accessed your e-service account in a while, you may need to reset/recover your password. Go to the "I Forgot My Password" web link at, and a link to reset your password will be emailed to you. You must have a current email address on file with the Commission to be able to reset your password.

If you do not have a current email address on file with the Commission, please email the Commission at with your name, license number, last 5 digits of SSN, and current email address before attempting to renew your license. A current email address must be kept on file with the Commission at all times.

Renewal Background Checks

SC Code Ann. §40-57-340(A) required criminal background checks to be conducted every third renewal cycle. Background checks are not required for this renewal cycle. Notification will be sent to licensees prior to the designated renewal cycle requiring background checks to be conducted.

Continuing Education Audits

SC Code Ann. §40-57-340 required brokers and salesperson licensees to complete ten (10) hours of continuing education each renewal cycle. Education hours are to be submitted by the CE Providers within fourteen (14) calendar days to CE Broker. If you have completed a course but it is not showing in your CE Broker account, please contact the CE Provider.

For account activation and course upload questions, please review the CE Broker Tracking System help sheet. Do not send course completion certificates to the Commission office. The Commission office will not accept nor house copies of completed CE courses.

Following the close of renewals, the Commission office will conduct a random CE audit. If selected, the Commission office will notify licensees and send additional instructions on how to submit proof of CE compliance.